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Our Warranty

Customer Service Specialists Since 1971
 3 years: 100% Labor and Materials*
‚ÄčOur warranty is backed by more than 45 uninterrupted years of service to Dane County and surrounding areas.

Our warranty covers labor and materials for a period of three years.
If coating failure appears, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition without cost.
Full Warranty details and exclusions will be provided at the time you receive your written estimate.
* Only coatings supplied by Thrift Painting, Inc., are under warranty.
Competitive Pricing
Our forty plus years of experience have bred the skill and confidence that allows us to provide the highest level of customer service.
We know that unless our customers are satisfied, our business cannot grow.  You have our word that we will be attentive to every detail to ensure you get the results you expect.
We are experts in the following areas
Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Drywall Repair, Wallpapering, Window Glazing, Pressure Washing, Deck Staining and Painting, Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Painting
  • Extra clean work areas
  • No-Odor Paint Upon Request
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
The Importance of Hiring an Insured Painting Contractor
We cannot stress the importance of hiring insured contractors enough.  The risk of injury in construction and renovation work is much higher than the rest of the service based industry.  Risk exposure doesn't stop at personal injury either.  It extends to property damage as well.
There are 2 principal kinds of insurance policies that the contractor you're considering hiring should have in place:
General liability
This covers the contractor in the event of any damage to property or a person while carrying out their contract.  This is similar to the liability portion of your automobile insurance.  These range in values, and a generally accepted "good" amount to have is  $2 million or higher.
Worker's Compensation
This covers the contractor's employees in the event that any one of them might sustain an injury while on the job.  We live in a developed country where we have many systems in place to ensure that no person is left in a financially precarious position after being injured at work.  Should a trade worker find themselves unable to work for sometime after being injured on the job, they can receive Worker's Compensation money to help them until they are able to return to work.
Given that there are costs associated with having insurance, many contractors don't bother with purchasing Liability or Worker's  Compensation coverage.  The common reasons for this are a lack of understanding of the construction business and its insurance requirements.  More frequently it's the desire to want to be more competitive by reducing costs.  Worker's Compensation insurance can run into the thousands of dollars depending on the size of the contractor's operations. 
The risk to the consumer of hiring an uninsured contractor:
If your property was to be damaged or someone on your property was to be injured as a result of the work being done, you may get left footing the bill.  If one of the contractor's employees was to be injured while working on your job you may get left footing their expenses while they are unable to work! This can end up being very expensive.  When you consider the financial risks as a customer, it really isn't worth hiring a contractor who is 10-15% cheaper if it means you could be left on the hook for thousands of dollars of bills in the event that something went wrong. 
What to ask for:
Ask the contractor you're considering for a Certificate of Insurance.  This will tell you what types and limits each contractor has.  These are easy to provide.  The contractor just needs to call their insurance agent and they can mail or email you a copy without delay.
Thrift Painting Insurance Certificate- 2018
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