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Pressure Washing

*Commercial and Residential.
*Cold or Hot Pressure Washing up to 250 degrees and 4000 PSI as needed for your project.
*Decks, Brick, Concrete, Stucco, Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum Siding.‚Äč
Thrift Painting is one of the only companies in Dane County to offer HOT High Pressure Washing. Our Commercial Grade Pressure Washer heats the water to up to 250 Degrees and expells the water at up to 4000 PSI. We have found that the additional heat provided by our system aids in removing those stubborn stains on the exterior of your home or business.
We use the MiT-M system of biodegradeable washing solutions that will help to scour out any unsightly mildew or staining without damaging any of the plants or trees around your property. We will add a small amount of bleach to the solution only when mildew is present, and thoroughly rinse away any residue after treatment.
Travis and Jeff, Our Highly Experienced Pressure Washers can clean decks, siding (vinyl, wood and metal), brick and concrete without damaging the underlying surface. This experience is the only sure-fire way to know just how much heat, pressure and detergent to use. We will carefully move and replace any furniture and take great care to protect your property and your plants.
In commercial settings, we have a great deal of experience in the use of lifts to get to those high or hard to reach places. In addition, we take great pride in ensuring the safety and comfort of your customers and employees throughout the pressure washing process. All of our work areas will be clearly marked and any cleaning done near the entrances will be carefully planned and scheduled around the specific timing of your business.