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Deck Refinishing

*Thrift Painting has completed thousands of deck projects in our 45 plus years of service.
‚Äč*We will move your furniture, pressure wash your deck, scrape any loose stain, sweep away any debris and properly apply the right stain.
*Decks and Balconies refinished include Apartment and Condo Complexes as well as Single Family Homes.
We use the Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Product Line in either Oil-Based Semi-Transparent Deck Stain for a Natural Wood Finish, or Water-Based Solid Deck Stain to create a consistent appearance and protect older and damaged decks.
With few exceptions, decks will need to be washed approximately a week in advance using our Hot High Pressure Washing System. Our highly experienced pressure washer will clean any debris, loose paint chips or mildew from your deck while leaving the surface of the wood undamaged. This will provide the ideal surface for application of stain once the deck is dry.
Generally, the stain is applied by the roll-on and brush-in method. This ensures an even and consistent coat. Spray staining will be done only when necessary (lattice work, for example) and your property will be thoroughly masked off with plastic and tape. No mess will be left on your concrete, siding or any other adjoining surface.
Depending on the environmental conditions following staining, you will be able to walk on your deck within a few days, and replace your furniture in as little as a week! (Depending on how busy we are, we have been known to come back and help with that furniture too!)